December News
Holiday Toolkit, DV and Child Support, Webinar
Domestic Violence and The Holidays
Unique opportunities and challenges to consider in providing services to survivors and their families during this time of year
November News
Giving Thanks, new curriculum, January webinar, link between mass shootings and DV
New Curriculum for the New Year!
The Ohio IPV Collaborative is excited to announce we will be introducing new Core curriculum in 2018
New Child Welfare Rule Open for Comment
Share your expertise and your voice!
A Strength-Based Approach to Domestic Violence Survivors’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues
With the opioid epidemic stronger than ever in Ohio, it continues to be as important as ever to pay attention to domestic violence in families.
October News
It's the 30th annual Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Quick Guide: What is Domestic Violence
Two words, one big concept
Septmeber Newsletter
Join us each month for Collaborative updates, Partner events and resources, domestic violence issues and policy news, and--of course--listings of upcoming training opportunities.