About Us


As our name implies, the IPV Collaborative has truly been a group effort supported by a wide-range of local and national partners, experts, and trainers.





Agencies participating in Safe and Together have reported:

  • Improved partnerships with non-offending parents.
  • Increased identification of perpetrator patterns of behaviors as safety risks to children.
  • Improved documentation of the impact of domestic violence on children.
  • Improved plans for child and family safety based on specific behaviors.
  • Enhanced communications with community partners.
  • Access to new resources and additional training opportunities.

Additional research supporting Safe and Together-related outcomes can be found at http://endingviolence.com.


Brief History

Milestones of the IPV Collaborative:

  • Four counties piloted Safe and Together training in 2010; the pilot was so successful that additional counties requested training, prompting the development of the Ohio-based trainer certification program.
  • A cadre of 12 certified Ohio trainers have been training county agencies since October 2012.
  • An evaluation of the model funded by the HealthPath Foundation of Ohio was conducted in 2013; reports indicated that model training fosters better family engagement and outcomes.
  • The IPV Planning Group finalized its model community response protocol (link) in 2015.

A total of 48 Ohio counties have been trained in the model as of June 2017.