Ohio Intimate Partner Violence Collaborative


"The Impact of Batterers on Children:  
An Ohio Model Community Response Protocol" 
is finalized!

The entire protocol with appendices is available below.



 Review the protocol section-by-section with this 20-minute protocol review recording.




The Ohio Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Collaborative (Collaborative) mission is to increase the safety and well-being of children exposed to domestic violence. True to its name, the Collaborative partners with local, state, and national practitioners and policymakers to advocate for best practices. A number of projects facilitate this important work. One such project is the rollout of Safe and TogetherTM training throughout the state in a partnership with David Mandel & Associates, the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services, the Supreme Court of Ohio, the HealthPath Foundation of Ohio, and 10 fully certified, Ohio-based trainers. Child welfare agencies and their community partners learn how to partner with non-offending parents and hold batterers accountable so that children may remain safely with the non-offending parent when possible, thus reducing their trauma. By mid-2016, the Collaborative trained over half of Ohio's 88 counties. Additionally, dozens of members across the state have completed a model community response protocol to adapt training concepts to Ohio's communities (now available on this website!). Results of an evaluation of model implementation have also been posted.

Safe & Together (TM) Training Informational Webinar (7/24/15)
Presented by: Jenny Hartmann, Ohio IPV Collaborative Coordinator and Jo Simonsen, ODVN Family Systems Advocacy Director






  • Participants from the April and May 2015 judicial meetings are directed to the model community response protocol on this site as well as to a variety of useful resources through the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ). 
  • Collaborative partners are working on a judicial card that judges can use to ask questions from the bench. Stay tuned!

Are you interested in bringing Safe and TogetherTM training to your county? E-mail ipvcollaborative@law.capital.edu or call 614-236-6539.

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